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LIFE European Union program

LIFE SAFE_T_WATER is co-financed by the European Union LIFE programme.

(Grant Agreement No. LIFE19 ENV/ES/000049)
LIFE European Union program

LIFE SAFE_T_WATER is co-financed by the European Union LIFE programme. (Grant Agreement No. LIFE19 ENV/ES/000049)



The main motivation of the consortium is to contribute from the public and private sector to the progress surrounding the circular economy, developing safe and environmentally friendly technologies.


Consortium members Safe-t water

To achieve our common goal, we cooperate in SAFE T WATER by combining our strengths and experience in R&D&I. SERVYECO, as coordinator and technology-based company, offering their extensive experience in the development of eco-innovative products for water treatment. CANAL ISABEL II as a partner and public entity managing drinking water in the community of Madrid, they are a national benchmark both for being the first in terms of m3 treated and for the number of people they supply. EMIVASA as a partner and joint management of the drinking water company that supplies the city of Valencia and part of Global Omnium, they bring a business organisation with more than 130 years of experience.

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Members safe-t water Servyeco

SERVYECO s a technology-based company (EBT), whose main activity is the development, production, and supply of innovative and sustainable products necessary in water purification and potabilization processes, guaranteeing health and the protection of the environment, whilst favouring the Circular Economy. The company has facilities to produce chemical products, accredited laboratories, and an engineering department, all in an area of 7,000 m2. They supply more than 10,000 Tm/year of products both nationally and internationally for the public and private sector and have extensive experience in R&D projects in the field of European LIFE programmes.

Members safe-t water Canal Isabel II

CANAL ISABEL II is the public company that has been managing the water cycle throughout the Community of Madrid (8,000 km2 surface area) since 1851. It is a 100% public company, innovative, leader in its sector and internationally recognised for its management of the integral water cycle. Supplying 6.45 million people and with 1.5 million contracts, Canal de Isabel II manages 13 reservoirs and 78 deep wells. In 2019, 501 hm3 of water for consumption was derived, and treated in 14 drinking water treatment stations. It manages 326 reservoirs, more than 17,600 km of pipes, which supply water to 173 municipalities, including the city of Madrid. Canal Isabel II also manages the sanitation system with more than 15,300 km of sewerage network, 65 storm tanks and 157 wastewater treatment plants, where 444 hm3 of wastewater from 179 municipalities is treated. Canal de Isabel II manages 31 water recycling plants and a network of more than 650 km of reclaimed water.

Members safe-t water Emivasa

EMIVASA, was created to manage the public supply of drinking water to the city of Valencia. It is part of Global Omnium, a business organisation dating back more than 130 years, dedicated to the provision of public services focused on the management of the Integral Water Cycle, managing all aspects related to the collection, treatment, and distribution of drinking water.




LIFE European Union program

Proyect LIFE19 ENV/ES/000049
New innovative eco drinking water treatment based on 1-step chemical technology using a multifunctional natural polymer.
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